Letter P 3-part cards

We’ve been busy around these parts, but here is a quick post to share with you my 3-part cards that I made for the letter P. Feel free to download and share!!



Letter P tot school: penguins & the potty

tot school letter P TheMamaYears 1

My original motive for doing the Letter P next was that I wanted to incorporate some potty training activities into tot school. Since toddlers always know how to stay a step ahead, Henry decided two weeks ago to start this process…and a process it is. He did fantastic the first day and a half, and then decided his diapers really were preferable. So we continue to go back and forth, and my hopes are that having some potty reminders in tot school might get him back into his undies. If not, no big deal. It will happen!

Letter P will still be fun! Here’s our set-up for the week, ready and waiting for Henry to dive in…


Penguin cards for Safari Ltd. TOOB

Our next letter in tot school is going to be the letter P, and what better activity to have with this letter than penguins? - besides, the potty of course, which was my reason for choosing this letter – but that’s a post for another day…

I had purchased the penguins TOOB from Safari Ltd. while preparing for this theme, as we’ve used their TOOBs before for different activities and Henry has always enjoyed them. I had wanted to make some 3-part cards for this set as the few I have found online were adorable but just weren’t complete. I am so excited with how they came out and wanted to share them with you!

penguin toob cards themamayears 1


Letter C tot school in action!

I couldn’t wait to post about our Letter C tot school when I set it up, so be sure to check out that post for all the details of all the works and trays I put together for Henry.

But…here are some shots of us in action!

Letter C totschool mama years 1


tot school: Letter C

letter C tot school mama years  1

With Letter H week in the books and a big hit, I am ready to see what Henry will think of for what I have in store for the letter C. I decided C was next in line because I figured we could start working on writing it (as it is relatively simple) and also because last year we did a construction tot school that I could draw from and expand upon. Considering I am working two night-shift weekends in a row, I needed something easy!